Buy Testosterone Therapy Online is an online hormone specialist site that sells bioidentical hormone skin creams and testosterone replacement therapy for men and women. AndroForte topical testosterone cream for men and AndroFeme topical testosterone cream for women are manufactured by Lawley Pharmaceuticals in a pharmaceutical grade plant in Western Australia. ILS is the sole international distributor for Lawley hormone skins creams and operates under an independent supplier agreement. Lawley provides a complete patient support service should any customers wish to contact them directly with any questions although also provide this service independently.

Logistically, all the hormone skin creams and testosterone replacement therapy products are sold on and associated sites are distributed via our distribution center in The Republic of Georgia to allow for easy shipping and customs clearance. A valid prescription for testosterone therapy is required for all purchases made on

As well as the testosterone therapies AndroForte and AndroFeme, also sells and distributes a natural progesterone therapy called ProFeme, also made by Lawley Pharmaceuticals.

ILS became involved in hormone skin creams are receiving numerous requests from people around the world who were looking for testosterone and progesterone therapy at reasonable prices. Many insurances in the US do not cover therapeutic therapies like this and if they do the copay is very high, much higher than a tube of AndroForte or AndroFeme would cost without insurance. ILS sourced an incredible product from an approved boutique manufacturer in a country that thoroughly supports the use of testosterone therapy for both men and women who are suffering from low testosterone levels.

We are proud to have an incredible retention rate, proof of our excellent products and trustworthy customer service. Our products are of excellent quality, excellent value for money and are fast working. Many of our customers compare the effectiveness of AndroForte to the main Big Pharma competitors including AndroGel, Testim and Axiron but find the application method far more comfortable.

As an added incentive to the low price of our bioidentical hormone skin creams, also offer discounts on bulk purchases and free shipping on all orders.

ILS also operates many other e-commerce websites and sales channels in order to achieve constant growth in this market.