Low Testosterone Testing and Education


TestingTestosterone.com is an educational site that explains in very simple language all about testosterone and low testosterone levels. It is meant to be a site that everyone can use and understand.

Having low testosterone is not only a hormonal disorder that creates hormonal imbalance and mood swings in men and women. It is one of the key causes of low libido and sexual dysfunction. This is because testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for sexual desire and performance. Alongside this primary function testosterone is also responsible for good muscle tone and impacts on bone health too. That’s why bodybuilders often use to testosterone supplements as training supplements and post-menopausal women use it to prevent osteoporosis.

The other idea behind TestingTesosteorne.com is to get men and women testing their testosterone levels. many doctors are not forthcoming when it comes to testosterone blood tests and many times insufficient data is collected from the blood tests that are done. Raising awareness via free self-assessment tests gives a good indication to the patient on where they stand. In our opinion blood work needs to be assessed together with symptomatic tests to provide the most accurate result on the severity of low testosterone levels. Sometimes men with just above borderline blood-work suffer severe symptoms and sometimes a man with clinically low testosterone levels have minimal symptoms.

TestingTestosterone.com also provides basic information on how to treat low testosterone levels and provides Free downloadable booklets for further reading.


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