“Check Your Balls” online education


CheckYourBalls.com.au is a joined effort between ILS and Lawley Pharmaceuticals in Australia to educate people around the world about testicle size and the chromosonal disorder Klinefleters Syndrome. Klinefelters Syndrome is also known as KS or XXY syndrome. It is a genetic disorder that can be diagnosed as early as in the womb but most of the time is not diagnosed until later in life after the male suffers significant setbacks in life.

Klinefelters is not commonly discussed but it affects between 1 in 500-1000 males. Education on Klinefleters is vital for future generations, as many as 1 in 2 Australian men live their life from childhood suffering numerous symptoms of Klinefelters but go un-diagnosed and untreated.

Checking your balls for underdeveloped or small testicle size is a very simple test that all men can do on themselves using an Orchidometer or a doctor can perform the test. Ball size is a key symptom of Klinefelters.

Key symptoms of Klinefelters vary depending on the age of the person, the severity of symptoms can also vary greatly but the key treatment always remains the same – testosterone therapy.

Klinefelter sufferers normally experience any number of these symptoms: small or undescended testicles, delayed puberty, little facial/body hair, weak and untoned muscles, weak bones, poor motor skills, learning, social and behavioral difficulties, enlarged breasts, low sex drive and performance levels and even infertility. The main reason for many of these symptoms is down to the low testosterone levels traditionally suffered by KS men.

CheckYourBalls.com.au aims to educate people on what KS is, how it happens, how it is diagnosed and how it changes during childhood through to adulthood. The aim is to get people testing so they can get the treatment they need to lead fulfilling, successful and reproductive lives.

The best treatment for KS and low testosterone related issues is testosterone therapy, ideally bioidentical topical testosterone as it’s the most pure form of testosterone available. Many other forms of physiological and psycho-social treatments may also be needed alongside the testosterone therapy but where possible testosterone therapy should be started before puberty begins so that the physical differences are reduced as the boy grows into a man. It helps with body shape, hair growth and scrotal development.


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