Affordable Prescription Medications Online is an online pharmacy that focuses on selling brand prescription meds at cheap prices. Also available are generic drugs made by reputable generic brands like Teva. was launched in 2006 after the ILS retail pharmacy business saw an opening in the online pharmaceutical industry for an online pharmacy that sells reputable brand medications at affordable prices. During Saul’s career as a fully licensed retail pharmacist in Israel he saw many tourists come in for refills and were amazed at the price difference of medication in Israel, compared to in the US. Sometimes the Israeli price was even cheaper than the copay.

The reason for the price difference is that Israel has a National Health system that caps the price a drug company can charge for prescription meds. The US doesn’t. online pharmacy allows people in the US to take advantage of the low local prices. All prescriptions require a valid RX and are dispensed from a licensed retail pharmacy. The medications, regardless of being branded or generic, are all approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health, so even though the price is cheap, there are no cheap generics from third world countries.

The FDA allows personal importation of prescription meds provided the quantity is under a 3 month supply and it has been dispensed in accordance with a valid US prescription. rarely have trouble with customs. This is because we work according to these rules and even include a copy of the prescription in each parcel. caters to all patients seeking maintenance medications for chronic diseases like diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, asthma etc. Typically we repeat sales every quarter and we have 400+ new customer acquisitions per year and a 75% customer retention rate. is targeted towards Jews and Supporters of Israel looking to save money on prescription meds and support the Israeli economy at the same time but anyone outside Israel is welcome to use our services.