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The Pharma Shaul retail Pharmacy is a core business for ILS Ltd and helps to drives other areas of the business.
Saul Kaye has been a retail pharmacist for more than 20 years. He graduated pharmacy at the Sydney University in 1995 and moved to Israel in 1996.

In 1999 Saul opened his first of three retail pharmacies. The current retail pharmacy is called “Pharma Shaul”, it is located in Beit Shemesh Israel. Saul continues to be the leading managing pharmacist there, despite having expanded into the online pharmaceutical industry and outwards other entrepreneurial ventures.

Pharma Shaul is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health to sell all kinds of prescription medication and over the counter medications. Items of personal hygiene and general family healthy are also available for purchase, just as they would be in your own local retail pharmacy.

All prescription medications are approved by the Ministry Of Health and require a prescription. The price are incredibly reasonable and compared to US prices are up to 70% cheaper. This is because the Israeli Ministry of Health heavily subsidize prescription medication as part of their healthcare basket.

If you are a tourist in Israel you can buy prescription medications from the retail pharmacy providing that you have a valid prescription and proof of identification. The price charged is the same as if you were an Israeli citizen, no extra charges are added.

Saul realized early on that many US tourists were shocked at the price difference and saw an opening into e-commerce. There was definitely space in the market for an Israeli Online Pharmacy that specializes in selling to the US for personal importation. In 2006, ILS expanded from retail pharmacy into online pharmacy. The focus of is on selling branded and generic prescription medication to US citizens at far cheaper prices than are available in the USA. This is possible by ILS sourcing pharmaceuticals in the local arena and utilizing the price arbitrage available.