Buy Mirena IUD Birth Control Online is a specialist e-commerce site for the Mirena IUD birth control.

IUD’s like Mirena are an increasingly popular form of birth control. Mirena is inserted vaginally by a doctor and slowly releases hormones into the bloodstream to prevent pregnancy and give hormonal balance to a variety of hormonal imbalances.

Mirena can give up to 5 years hassle free birth control, once it’s inserted by the doctor there is nothing to do, no pills to remember or rings to switch out. This coupled with the cost effectiveness are the reasons why more and more doctors are prescribing Mirena over other forms of birth control.

Not all insurances in the US cover IUD’s like Mirena and most of the time the copay is very high. To buy Mirena in the US can cost you more than $800, it’s an expensive outlay but if you are considering long term birth control then it works out just about cost effective when spread over 5 years. uses the same base as for it’s pricing and ethics, much the same as all the ILS Ltd e-commerce sites. The cost of Mirena is supported by the Israeli Ministry of Health so the price of Mirena when purchased through the ILS site is currently capped at $264.

ILS Ltd feels strongly about the affordability of birth control and it led to this niche site being created. At a price of $264 it works out highly cost effective when considering the cost of birth control pills or other methods spread over 5 years. It’s also a saving of more than $530 compared to the full US price. For many of our customers, it’s actually cheaper than the copay contributions their insurance asked for.