Laboraide natural birthing aid

A Natural Labor Pain Solution


ILS became involved in a product called Laboraide a few years ago when researching into new medical and pharmaceutical avenues to pursue and launched the website ILS is always on the hunt for new and interesting products. Laboraide is the first non-pharmaceutical product to catch ILS’s interest, but the markets and idea behind the product was just too much to ignore.

Laboraide by Opro is a therapeutical product that can be used to help ease labor pain and shorten the labor process. The fact that it is totally non-invasive makes it an especially important development product. The words non-invasive and natural childbirth do not normally go together!

Laboraide is a cushioned mouthpiece that helps your mouth form an “O” shape when biting down on it and breathing correctly during labor. The result is an increase in core strength which leads to shortened labor. We know it sounds a bit far-fetched, but it does work.

When biting down on the natural Laboraide 3 things happen: oxygen levels increase as the mouth is forced to stay open when working through birth breathing techniques, biting down on Laboraide helps to increase the core muscle strength, in particular, the effect of the abdominal and pelvic muscles when pushing and dilation becomes easier as the “O” shape of the mouth directly correlates to the cervix opening wider and even faster than it would do otherwise.