Low Cost Birth Control Online


Buy-birth-control.com is the most recent ILS e-commerce site. We received so many enquiries on IsraelPharm.com about affordable birth control that we decided to create a niche site for just that. Buy-Birth-Control.com sells birth control pills, patches, rings and IUD’s so that women all over the world can have access to affordable birth control..

As with IsraelPharm.com, the main ILS online pharmacy site, all birth control medications are approved and licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health and require a prescription. When the US law on needing a prescription changes then our policy may change too. In Israel you don’t need a prescription for some forms on birth control but in the US you do for everything. Our main market is the US so our policy across the site is that you must produce a valid prescription before we will dispense the birth control.

In the US birth control should be free for everyone under Obamacare but it’s not, many people from across all walks of life are still being charged copay on many birth control medications and some insurances flatly refuse to cover all the options. Only specific pills are covered, or the ring is but not the patch. We want everyone to be able to make informed choices about the birth control they use and have access to affordable birth control, unconditionally.

Buy-Birth-Control.com intends to be more than just another specialist online pharmacy. We strongly advocate safe sex and sex education from a young age and are doing our best to add to this on an educational level. Buy-Birth-Control.com is involved in an internship program with TAMID, where the aim and focus is to improve sex education among college students and campuses. Many young adults do not realize that there is affordable birth control out there and that it can be as cheap as trying to get birth control through family insurance plans. The added bonus is that you stay safe without your family knowing your business. It’s a huge plus for many teenagers and young adults.

A personal pharmacy service is available to everyone who orders birth control via the site as is the bonus of free shipping on all orders.


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