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About ILS



ILS Ltd is a forward thinking & multi-operational pharmaceutical company

spanning the Retail, E-Commerce, Education, Innovation & Investment sectors


The ILS International shipping & logistics company was founded as the holding company for Saul Kaye B.Pharm. entrepreneurial ventures. Since inception, ILS has gained significant traction in various businesses covering retail pharmacy, online pharma, pharmaceutical manufacture, delivery & dispensing and medical cannabis innovation. The company has also branched out of the Pharma industry towards some of Saul’s many passions. Also under the ILS umbrella is a retail wine store and SUBS, the first co-working space for start ups in Beit Shemesh, Israel.


ILS key principles

Key Principles

We are a vertically integrated global player with strong presence across the entire value chain from key pharma Intermediates to Active pharmaceuticals Ingredient’s (APIs) to formulations to biopharmaceuticals.


ILS pharma solutions

Providing Solutions

We are a solutions provider that can solve your every requirement. Some of our products, services, and research are the result of strategic outsourcing, which is exemplified by modern biotech and pharmaceutical companies.


ILS is involved in various educational, e-commerce & pharmaceutical businesses


ILS ltd is based in Israel and sources pharmaceuticals from Australia, Israel, USA, Turkey & Europe. We have extensive international shipping solutions to get the right product to you in a timely fashion. ILS has a wide network of dispensaries in Israel, The republic of Georgia, Australia, Turkey and India . With over 10 years experience in international pharma solutions we can find the right solution for you.

———————-   E-COMMERCE, BUSINESS, INNOVATION   ———————-

ILS Online Businesses


online health education


Educating people about hormone therapies and hormonal disorders

ILS Ltd love educating people on therapeutic therapies & prescription medication. We are a big believer in bioidentical hormone skin creams – especially when it comes to testosterone therapy and progesterone therapy. Endocrine and hormonal good health is essential to leading a long and happy life. Check out our education sites

prescription meds online pharmacy


We love designing and implementing e-commerce sites. As mentioned above, we have quite e-commerce sites under our own ILS e-commerce umbrella but we can also provide this as a service to drop shipping clients and other partners. IsraelPharm is our core e-commerce business with over 14,000 customers, most of them repeat customers. Our various hormone skin creams sites are also highly successful.

ILS drop shipping experts

Drop Shipping Experts

Drop shipping is a method of selling products via the internet and having third parties do the packing, shipping and handling. By establishing dropshipping pipelines we can maximize your sales potential on the internet and remove the hassle of order handling. This allows you to concentrate on what you do best and we handle the rest.

ILS has fulfilment centers in 5 countries and can solve your drop shipping problems.

Beit Shemesh pharmacy

Retail Pharmacy

ILS owns and runs a fully licenced retail pharmacy in Beit Shemesh, Israel. All medications are approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and all pharmacists are professionally trained. This was one of Saul’s first businesses and he continues to act as the managing pharmacist alongside a loyal team of retail pharmacists. Anything purchased from the pharmacy can be shipped worldwide.

Below you can see the businesses that we are involved with.

Click on the images to read about the company and our involvement.

———————-   CO-WORKING FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE   ———————-



SUBS is a co-working office space and hub for small businesses in Beit Shemesh.

We encourages start ups and small businesses to develop, collaborate and accelerate.

———————-   THE ILS TEAM IS BASED IN ISRAEL   ———————-

Meet The Team


There are many people involved in maintaining ILS projects. Here are the main ILS players,

the ones behind the core pharmaceutical business and day to day running of ILS and IsraelPharm.

Saul Kaye

Saul Kaye

Founder & CEO

Saul is our in-house managing pharmacist with a degree from the University of Sydney. Saul started his first retail pharmacy back in 1999 after moving to Israel from Sydney and has successfully international eCommerce sites. IsraelPharm is the number one leading Israeli Online pharmacy. Saul is the entrepreneurial brain of ILS Ltd.

Mr Yonah Sudwets

Mr Yonah Sudwets

Founder & CTO

Yonah manages all aspects of online fulfillment and is our in-house internet expert. Yonah has managed pharmacies in Israel and is experienced in customer service and Pharma procurement. Yonah is originally from the US.

Sara and Cara make up the marketing and graphic design team involved in all aspects of ILS Ltd ventures.

Mr Stuart Foreman

Mr Stuart Foreman

VP sales

Stuart moved to Israel after successfully owning and managing multi million dollar business in the US. He new heads the ILS customer service team for IsraelPharm and Hormone sites.

Stuart has an impressive and extensive customer service background. Stuart is originally from the USA.

Yossi & the team

Yossi & the team

Pharmacy & logistics

Yosef Billyack is responsible for packing and shipping all the IsraelPharm and IVF medications. He is also one of our customer service experts.

Ester and Mindy make up our in-house accounting team.


ILS & Cannabis


ILS holds a small share in an innovative cannabis venture in Israel.

Many of the challenges that we have been able to solve in order to grow our business are very similar to the challenges that the emerging medical cannabis space will incur.

ILS is aligned with the goals of Cannatech and the ICAN group and support their efforts in propelling medical cannabis worldwide as a medically necessary treatment for many ailments. ICAN is a company dedicated to smart agnostic cannabis investments and ILS is proud to be a part of this fascinating industry.

CannaTech logo

International Cannabis Conference in Israel March 2016, 2017 date TBC

Israeli Ministry of Health

CannaTech is backed by the Israeli Ministry of Health Cannabis Program

ICAN Israel Cannabis innovation

Israeli advocacy, networking and investments for Cannabis innovators

ICAN start-up incubator

Coming soon! The first Cannabis start up incubator in Israel for Cannabis projects

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Feel free to get in touch with Saul if you have questions about future business opportunities and investments.

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